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Our Story

Nate and Cindi: A Tech-Savvy Duo Committed to Simplifying Your Online Business Journey

Our mission is to streamline the process for small businesses to establish a robust online presence, enabling them to tap into the expanding market of digital consumers. To achieve this, we’ve addressed two major challenges that businesses face when going online:

1. DIY Dilemma: Taking the do-it-yourself route demands a steep learning curve. You’d need to invest weeks, months or even years mastering website development, server management, social media setup, domain registration, and email configuration.

2. Outsourcing Obstacles: Hiring professionals for these tasks often comes with a hefty upfront cost. Moreover, once the project is complete, you’re left to manage the complexities on your own.

Our Solution:

1. Comprehensive Management: We handle the creation and ongoing management of your entire online ecosystem, allowing you to concentrate on your core business operations.

2. Affordable and Transparent Pricing: Instead of demanding a large upfront payment, we offer a modest monthly fee, ensuring that we remain actively involved in managing your online presence day in and day out.

Cindi Sanden

Co-founder/CEO, CMO

Nate Sanden

Co-founder/CEO, CTO